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Phenotypical characterization of tree nuts and peanut allergies in east Mediterranean children

Pınar Gur Cetinkaya, Betul Buyuktiryaki, Ozge Soyer, Umit Murat Sahiner, Cansın Sackesen, Bulent Enis Sekerel
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Page 316-322

Anaphylaxis at school. Are we prepared? Could we improve?

L. Rodríguez Ferran, N. Gómez Tornero , N. Cortés Álvarez, F. Thorndike Piedra
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Page 384-389

Predicting the outcome of respiratory disease in wheezing infants using tidal flow-volume loop shape

E. Keklikian, P. Cornes, C.J. Cela, M. Sanchez Solis, L. García Marcos, J.A. Castro-Rodriguez
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Page 355-359

Bibliometric analysis of publications on house dust mites during 1980-2018

E. Demir, Ö.F. Akmes¸e, H. Erbay, A. Taylan-Özkan, K.Y. Mumcuo˘glu
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Page 374-383

Role of nasal saline irrigation in the treatment of allergic rhinitis in children and adults: A systematic analysis

Y. Wang, L. Jin, S.-X. Liu, K. Fan, M.-L. Qin, S.-Q. Yu
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Page 360-367

Anti-allergic function of -Tocopherol is mediated by suppression of PI3K-PKB activity in mast cells in mouse model of allergic rhinitis

Geping Wu, Hongyan Zhu, Xinyang Wu, Lili Liu, Xingkai Ma, Yifang Yuan, Xingli Fu, Ling Zhang, Yan Lv, Di Li, Jianyong Liu, Jianbin Lu, Yan Yu, Menglin Li
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Page 395-400

Improvement of the sensitivity of the detection of Gal d 6-specific IgE via biotinylation in vivo

L. Huang, H. Bao, S. Li, J. Zhang, L. Li, B. Zhang, Y. Yu, Y. Liu, H. Li
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Page 348-354

Atopy patch test in children with cow’s milk and hen’s egg allergy: Do clinical symptoms matter?

S. Sirin Kose, S. Asilsoy, D. Tezcan, G. Atakul, S. Al, O. Atay, O. Kangalli Boyacioglu, N. Uzuner, O. Anal, O. Karaman
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Page 323-331

Omalizumab treatment in adolescents with chronic spontaneous urticaria: Efficacy and safety

M. Ocak, O. Soyer, B. Buyuktiryaki, B.E. Sekerel, U.M. Sahiner
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Page 368-373

The status of FOXP3 gene methylation in pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus

S. Hanaei, G. Sanati, S. Zoghi, S. Gharibzadeh, V. Ziaee, N. Rezaei
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Page 332-338


TREE NUTS ALLERGY: Knowledge, gaps and practical implications

Luis Á. Echeverría-Zudaire
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Page 313-315

Review Article

CD40 Ligand Deficiency

L.F.B. Leite, T.A. Máximo, T. Mosca, W.C.N. Forte
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Page 409-413

Interleukin 10: the critical role of a pleiotropic cytokine in food allergy

Natalia Nedelkopoulou, Anil Dhawan, Ioannis Xinias, Dimos Gidaris, Evangelia Farmaki
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Page 401-408